I spoke only English,
a sada govorim hrvatski!


Learn Croatian online

How does it work?

All you’ll need is a good internet connection and a computer that supports Skype video calls – you take your classroom with you regardless of which time zone you are in!
We provide all the necessary learning materials.

Teaching method

The Croglotta teaching method is based on 10 years of experience in teaching Croatian for foreigners. Learning experiences at Croglotta are designed to improve your language skills and to help you speak confidently. Our focus is on your communication skills.
To start off, we communicate both in Croatian and in English/German, but slowly, as your confidence grows, we start using only Croatian – but without any pressure.


My name is Silvija Gojević, I’m a native speaker with a degree in Croatian and Educational Science and I’m located in Croatia. This guarantees you will learn native accents with a teacher who is also up-to-date with all the local information and news. I have 10 years of teaching experience and I was also editor-in-chief of the first magazine for learning Croatian as a foreign language.


“I started learning Croatian with Silvija via Skype and she made the experience personal, fun and interesting, it felt like i was sitting next to her. As we went through each lesson my confidence grew as my language skills and understanding improved. Thanks to Silvija i now feel confident to speak Croatian to friends and family and as i continue my lessons i know that in time i will just keep getting better.”

Simone Smokrović

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